Tumble Bugs:

Our preschool area has been carefully designed to provide young gymnasts the chance to explore the exciting sport of gymnastics in a safe, “kid friendly” environment. By utilizing a nationally recognized curriculum, our staff is able to provide a challenging program that encourages coordination, gross motor skills, and an exceptional introduction to gymnastics.  In all of our preschool programs, a theme-based approach to learning is utilized. This approach, along with a variety of “preschool-sized” equipment and fun manipulative, allows all children the ability to succeed and feel great about their progress. We believe positive rewards are essential to creating happy, healthy kids.

As children progress from our “mom and tot program" to our preschool program, they will learn to listen and follow directions, basic gymnastic terminology, body positions, and a variety of gymnastic skills. Our class levels are based first on your child’s age and second on their skill level.  Our specially trained staff is easily able to challenge a child based on their individual ability.  Since the social/emotional growth of each child is a key ingredient in the success of our gym, it is important to place young children in the most age appropriate level and create ways for them to be challenged within that level.

Why choose our Tumble Bugs Program?

  1. Multi Preschool rooms
  2. Closed room provides quiet learning environment with out distraction
  3. Observation windows for parents to view
  4. Fun interactive songs to promote stretching
  5. We work on listening skills, following directions, and interacting with other children
  6. June – Flip Side Celebration (Year End Finale)

As Gymnasts require a stretch program before they can start to work out. Here at Flipside we start with interactive songs that serve multiple purposes. It helps them get involved, starts the body moving, as well as warms up the muscles to prevent injuries.

We have two Pre-School rooms. We start in one with 5 minutes of warm up and then 10 minutes on two different events. Then we change rooms where there is two different events to work on. Each class is closed in so it is nice and quite with no distractions. Allowing them to focus and listen to their coach. Yet each room has large windows for parents to observe.

Roly Poly

Roly Poly – 18 months – 2 years old
(parent participation required)

This class introduces our youngest gymnasts to the wonderful fun of gymnastics in a safe, friendly environment. Our staff works directly with the parents and children to create an age appropriate class of exploration, movement, and basic gymnastic skills.

Ratio per class held is (5) to (1)

Busy Bees

Busy Bees – 3 years
(must be potty trained)

Our Busy Bees begin the fun of gymnastics learning without a parent participating.  Our theme-based approach to learning is especially enjoyed by this group of preschoolers.  Coordination, gross motor, socialization, and following simple directions are key aspects of this program.  Basic gymnastic skills are introduced.

Ratio per class held is (5) to (1)


Fireflies – 4 & 5 years old 

Our Firefly classes use a thematic approach to learning gymnastics and focus on the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional growth necessary for children in this age group. Children will use all pieces of equipment as well as the foam pit, large trampoline, tumble track, and rope.

Ratio per class held is (6) to (1)

New Students get a Free Trial


2020 Term 2

May 25, 2020 – Aug 1, 2020

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

4:30-5:15        5:45-6:30         7:00-7:50

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

4:30-5:15        5:45-6:30         7:00-7:50

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

4:30-5:15        5:45-6:30         7:00-7:50

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

4:30-5:15        5:45-6:30         7:00-7:50

No Classes     

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

9:00-9:45        10:15-11:00     11:30-12:20

2020 Term 5

Aug 3, 2020 – Oct 10, 2020

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

                       5:30-6:15         6:30-7:25

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

                       6:30-7:15         5:30-6:25


 Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

5:30-6:15        6:30-7:15         5:30-6:25


Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

5:30-6:15        6:30-7:15         5:30-6:25



Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

9:00-9:45        10:00-10:45      11:00-11:55

Roly Poly          Busy Bee          Fireflies

9:00-9:45        10:00-10:45     11:00-11:55


Both our Roly Poly and Busy Bee classes are 45 minutes. 
The ratio in a Busy Bee class is only 5 to 1, which allows for more personalized learning for your child.   
Firefly classes are 55 minutes.  Many choose to take 2 classes per week. A 10% discount is given off the second class.

What will your child learn in our Tumble Bugs program?





Balance & Agility


Following Directions

Listening Skills


Goal Setting

Socially & Emotionally

Having Fun

Self Confidence

Self Esteem


Preschool/Tumble Bugs Make Up Policy 
Preschool:  A maximum of 2 make up classes allowed per term in a non-full class.