Private Lessons

Private lessons are great way to accelerate and enhance learning, or overcome a particular learning obstacle. If you are looking for this type of one-on-one attention to work towards a specific goal, then private lessons may be the best option for you. FlipSide Gymnastics offers private lessons for gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, aerial silks and ninja zone.

Private Lessons are available to all FlipSide athletes, regardless of age or skill. You must coordinate the day and time directly with the instructor of your choice, or contact our office for an instructor referral.

Private Lesson Rates

One Athlete:                                        Two Athletes:

30 minutes — $25.00                        30 minutes - $20.00 each
45 minutes — $40.00                        45 minutes - $30.00 each
60 minutes — $50.00                        60 minutes - $40.00 each


Private Lesson Policies

  1. All students must sign in at the front desk prior to each lesson, and lessons must be paid for on the day the private lesson is scheduled.

  2. Availability of private lessons is dependent on coach’s individual schedules.

  3. Private lessons are not intended to act as a substitute for regularly scheduled classes. Much of tumbling and gymnastics requires developing a comfort and confidence with new skills, which can take different amounts of time dependent upon each athlete’s skill and ability.

  4. We offer private and semi-private (2 students) lessons. For lessons of three or more, ask about our classes.

  5. Private lessons must be done during regular hours of operation.

  6. Parents are not allowed to coach their kids or be on the floor during private lessons.