Obstacle Warrior Training Program (Nija)

The Obstacle Warrior Training Program is designed to guide any individual to reach their full physical potential. This program will have you running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, swinging & crawling in the primitive & natural ways humans use to move.

Our aim is to build a community of athletes who have a strong sense of self awareness & respect for others, who are disciplined and compassionate and aren’t afraid to face & conquer their physical fears. We promote teamwork & positivity!

There is NO prior experience needed for this program. We understand everyone’s life is unique and some spend more time on playgrounds than others. Every skill we teach has progressions to assist students when a skill is too difficult or too easy.

Every week the students will focus on important training areas to properly balance out their physical abilities such as Safety & Power, Agility & Stamina, Balance & Coordination, Tricks & Technique and Strength & Flexibility. Each week will have set skills for them to build, and as the class progresses, they apply their skills on a course and become OBSTACLE WARRIORS!


Young Guns (ages 4-5)

In Young Guns, we prepare your child for life’s physical challenges. Our goal is to guide each student to learn about movement and their body. They will gain tremendous self-confidence from building useful skills to help them navigate their way through an obstacle course in a fun but safe way. The world is their playground!

Warriors (ages 6-12)

In Warriors, our goal is to give the students the tools and resources to use their bodies with obstacles & learn to practice with intention. They’ll face and conquer many fears in this class, but will also learn some very cool tricks and fancy movements. Warriors is also a great class for kids in sports. The skills, strength, and mobility they learn in this program will play a huge role in how they excel in any mainstream sport they play in.

Masters (ages 13-18)

In Masters, we train students to control their bodies and minds. They’ll gain the strength and courage to perform skills they never thought they could be capable of. This class is great for athletic and high energy teenagers looking for an outlet to build on their current skills. They will gain new abilities and grow their knowledge. Great for off-season athletes.

First Time Students get a Free Trial

2020 Term 2

May 25, 2020 –  Aug 1, 2020

Young Guns –  4:30-5:15

Warriors –       5:45-6:35

Young Guns –  4:30-5:15

Warriors –       5:45-6:35

Masters –        7:00-7:50


Young Guns – No Classes Held

Warriors –      No Classes Held


Young Guns –  5:45-6:15

Warriors –       4:30-5:20

Masters –        7:00-7:50

Young Guns –  9:00-9:45

Warriors –       10:15-11:05

Masters –        11:30-12:20 

2020 Term 5

Aug 3, 2020 – Oct 10, 2020

Young Guns – 5:00-5:45

Warriors –      6:00-6:55


Warriors – 6:00-6:55

Masters – 5:00-5:55


No Classes

Young Guns – 6:00-6:45

Warriors –      5:00-5:55

Masters –        7:00-7:55

Home School – 10:00 -10:55


Young Guns – 9:00-9:45

Warriors –      10:00-10:55

Masters –       11:00-11:55