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Intro to High School Cheer!

This exciting new class is for those who inspire to make the High School Cheer Team. You will learn and perfect tumbling needed to make the team. Improve your basics, jumps, and improve your arm motions! This class will also work on what you need as an individual to make the Team! Join us now to put the odds in your favor!

High School Cheer!

Now you have made the Team, it is time to work your way to the Top! In this class you will work on the following:

Tumbling, Stunts, Baskets, Jumps, and Arm Motions!

If you want to take your Cheer past High School this is the class for you!

2020 Term 5

Aug 3, 2020 – Oct 10, 2020

Intro to High School Cheer – 4:00-4:55